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Login Issues? Because of some system changes this weekend, you may need to use a different URL to
access OASIS. All K12 customers should be logging in at k12oasis.pearson.com. All Higher Ed
customers should be logging in at oasis.pearson.com. If one URL doesn’t work, please try the other.
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OASIS Technical Support
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Here's what you can do on OASIS!
  • Place & Track Orders
  • OASIS Orders receive Priority Handling
  • Use School Purchase Order or Credit Card/P-Card
  • Receive Order & Shipment Status Emails
  • Request Documents such as Invoices, Credits, etc.
  • Check Price & Availability
  • View Product Information
  • Generate Reports
  • File Claims to report shipment/billing issues
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  • Invoices
  • Credit/Debit Memos
  • Statements
  • Shipment Acknowledgments

  • To register for this free service, go to: oasis.pearson.com/edocs
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